Woogie Weekend Review

Raindrops, heavier than I’ve seen in at least two years, crashing down on my head and face.  Plucked synth and steel drums pounding the air around me.  The bass seems to shake tiny droplets off my skin.  There’s mud splashed up to my knees but I’m having too much fun to care and so, it […]

Quiz: Identify the Real Coachella Artist

With Coachella Weekend 1 only a month away (!!!), make sure your music knowledge is up to snuff with this quiz. Find the real Coachella artist/band name out of 4 options. The other 3 are either random Wikipedia articles or something I just made up. Share and challenge your friends! Loading Coachella 2015 Lie Up […]

Know Your Festival: Holi

Celebrate Holi in Your Area! Festival of Colors LA – March 7 Holi One SF Holi Houston – March 22 Festival of Colors NYC – May 9 Share

7 Weird Festivals That You Actually Haven’t Heard Of

Sorry for the clickbait-y title but I mean, you’re here so… In honor of Weird Wednesday and the beginning of Festival Season, here’s a list of 7 beautifully strange festivals from around the world – whether they’re in a strange location or are just off-beat (In order of least to most strange) 7. Snowbombing Mayrhofen, […]

Announcement: You Can Sit With Us tank now available at Family of Festivals!

We’re proud to announce that we have a new partnership with Family of Festivals, a site dedicated to a passion for festivals and “that perfect little world we all wish we had.” Visit their site for festival tickets, giveaways, and to connect with a community of festival lovers! Share